Page 6 - Communities Respond to COVID-19
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               Our intentional community is expanding, with centers in Mexico and Spain blooming with the happiness
               and joy that springs up from within.

               Many blessings to our sisters and brothers,

               David Hoffmeister

               Unnamed community for those with special needs, UK

               We are all healthy and agree that we are lucky to live in a beautiful setting with plenty of green space,
               and plenty of meaningful work and occupation to keep us happy and engaged.

               We have created a 'new normal' - work teams based on house groups, celebrations too, and leisure time
               pursuits, all within the same groupings.
               This has given rise to a buoyant mood, creativity and caring for each other.

               Our day attendees and some employees are not able to join us at the moment, but each house group is
               in frequent contact (via Skype, phone or Zoom) with those who belong to their group, and some
               members have produced a lovely newsletter each fortnight which can be shared with families and

               On the downside, there was of course anxiety at the start of the pandemic, re-surfacing again now with
               the beginnings of easing the lockdown, but our management team produces weekly bulletins about the
               measures in place, government advice etc. which seem to help to reassure people, and give a reference
               point as things develop.

               Another issue has been dealing with people's different interpretations or views on the pandemic itself
               and on the Government measures in place, but as we have a focus of caring for vulnerable young adults,
               this can give cohesion and common purpose to our community life which might otherwise have become
               fragmented and unharmonious.

               Some members have also actively taken up spiritual practices with the intention to contribute positively
               towards the worldwide situation, linking in with wider initiatives e.g. a common meditation at a certain
               time of the day.
               In the longer term, overall, perhaps we could say that we have taken hold of the many opportunities this
               situation suddenly presented us with, whilst at the same time we have kept abreast of the challenges
               and requirements it gave rise to.

               Wind Spirit Community, Arizona, USA

               We are a rural community 22 miles from the nearest town so we are isolated. There are a few members
               who don't think Covid-19 is a big deal and go to town to often. We have plenty of food so no big need to
               go to the city, Phoenix. We have agreed and posted a 7ft rule and anyone who goes to Tucson or
               Phoenix cannot use the community kitchen for 10 days. We have relaxed the kitchen restrictions just
               yesterday which some are not happy about. We talk about it in meeting but which source do you
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