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cash/barter/trade for/exchange money within the community and we hire work done from within the
               community so people still have an income.  We are remote so most people stock up on personal
               supplies.  Nothing has really changed for us.  We set up Caballos with a design to ride out these types of
               events - pandemics, natural disasters, financial meltdowns.


               Atlantis Ecological Community, In an Andean hamlet, El Congreso, Belen Huila,

               We are fed up to the back teeth with the fascist rules brought in by the Colombian and most other
               governments, and most especially even by one of the local Indian tribes where we live.

               There are 0 cases of CV round here, but the people have swallowed the overblown panic fomented by a
               very rightwing government to prevent any kind of protest by the people. In the towns many people are

               Although we ourselves live on a lovely farm in the rainforest and grow all the food we need and can
               move freely within our own territory, we are sickened at how people are being treated, especially in the
               cities, but also down here in the small market towns.  People are being suffocated not by the 'virus' but
               by the restrictions on movement and normal activities.

               We campaign via internet against the lockdown, but of course that is only a drop in the ocean.  There is
               total polarization everywhere, as I'm sure you all know, between those who believe the 'official version'
               of the 'pandemic' and those who severely doubt the whole narrative, from the trumped-up mortality
               figures to the global political motives for the whole sorry situation (total control and zombification of
               the population).  You can see to which group we belong!

               Jenny James

               Neruda, Marshfield, VT, USA

               We no longer have weekly community suppers. We sometimes see each other out working on the field
               and work together (6 feet apart). We talk from a distance.

               Sue Morris
               The OASIS Center for Conscious Living, Cuenca, Ecuador

               Our daily routine has changed little...we are able to build and garden and prepare for future members
               and guests
               Louis Bourgeois

               Universal Intentional Organization, Michigan, USA

               Testing , breathing therapy, lots of vitamins and medicine if necessary

               Arjen D Bosma (Irie)
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