Page 4 - Communities Respond to COVID-19
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Cornerstone Village Cohousing, Cambridge, MA, US

               Formed a Covid task force. Published guidelines and meet regularly. Let me know if you'd like a copy of
               the guidelines. Posted sanitizer dispensers at entrances. Moved incoming packages to a location where
               people can see addresses without touching them. Use Zoom for all meetings and closed common
               meeting rooms. Ended community dinners. Canceled cleaners, but continue to pay them.
               Carol Agate

               FrogSong, California USA

               We have discontinued common meals or any large gatherings.  Occasionally some of us may hangout in
               our open green space or several of us may go for social distance walks.  People have stepped up to
               grocery shop for each other, especially for those who are immune compromised.  We are also taking
               turns disinfecting our common house in highly used areas, such as the laundry room and bathrooms.

               Ellen Gordon

               Unnamed community, Peru

               As we have a laboratory of medicinal plants, we are daily making a natural tonic to prevent the entry of
               the virus and to boost our immune system. We are working on sustainability (organic garden,

               Canticle Farm, CA, USA

               As an urban intentional community focused on social and environmental justice, our members are often
               all over the city and traveling around the country in service of movements. During the shelter-in-place
               time there has been a unique magic of all being here together, gathering so much more often than we
               used to, eating together, growing more food than ever, processing herbal medicine, distributing food,
               medicine and supplies to our neighbors. Here on the land we've held an open-mic night, Passover
               celebration, grief ceremony, men's circles, many meetings about quarantine protocol, and even the
               birth of a baby! To me, it feels in many ways so much more like the "village" life we've been longing for,
               that the pressures of our current systems so often pull us away from.

               Morgan H Curtis

               Unnamed boarding house for single, city dwellers on a budget, East Coast, USA

               …we have stopped our short term sublets and guest room rentals. Our long term residents have worked
               together to come up with social distancing and disinfecting guidelines used throughout the house. We
               have had one resident with Covid 19.  He was quarantined for 20 days.  We were diligent in providing
               him with food and a private bathroom.  The virus did not spread through the house.  WooHoo!!   It is a
               work in progress and has been emotionally exhausting.
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