Page 8 - Communities Respond to COVID-19
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Kids still interact/mingle but not inside,  outside only.

               Currently we are discouraging visitors and/or new members. By the time of our next meeting it will have
               been long enough since the State relaxed the stay at home guidelines to know if it has had a significant
               impact on the spread of the that may change soon.

               Unnamed Co-operative housing project, Michigan, USA

               Each house is isolating as a group (4 people and 7 people).  We can leave to go food shopping, walking,
               or  for outdoor socially distanced meetings.  No outside folks are invited into the house.  Food is wiped.
               Handles are wiped daily.

               Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

               Generally, really well.  We held emergency meetings as soon as the B.C. government announced the
               COVID-19 restrictions, first, using social distancing, and then, via Zoom.  We followed the Jamaica Plains
               Cohousing model as our guide in setting up protocols, moving through stages one through six as the
               crisis worsened. We have two nurses living here who gave us good advice on disinfecting, social
               distancing, and other information we needed to keep our vulnerable community members safe. We set
               a schedule for disinfecting all the touch-points in our building - door handles, light switches, entry
               phone, mailbox, elevator buttons, etc. - and established a buddy system so that all the residents had
               someone they could call on for help if needed.  We set up a buddy family system so that the children
               could play together and still maintain the protocols.  We let families with children who had to work from
               home use some of the common rooms as their work-space, with the condition that they had to maintain
               and disinfect them after every use. There were tensions.  Some people were critical of the efforts of
               others, and accused them of "not taking this seriously."  One of our facilitators worked with them to
               explore their concerns and see if a solution could be found.  We are fortunate in that we live on a large
               property - 4.37 hectares - and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so people could get outside as our
               provincial health officer advised for walks, exercise, and gardening without violating social distancing
               rules. We also have experienced, well-trained facilitators who guided us through these difficult times
               with good humour and grace. We started out in an atmosphere of fear and anxiety, but as time passed,
               we adjusted.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be living in such a supportive community during this kind of
               social upheaval.  It bodes well for the future.

               Kathryn-Jane Hazel
               Creekside Commons, BC, Canada

               We have closed our common house to owners and outsiders, practicing physical distancing when we
               meet outside.  Have installed a portable toilet for contractors doing maintenance, holding meetings by
               Zoom or in carefully distanced spaces outside

               Pam Munroe

               Heart Land, California, USA

               We are so happy to be here in the oak woods with artesian spring one hour east of San Diego. An online
               map shows no coronavirus cases in our zip code at this time. I go shopping once every three weeks. The
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