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garden really helps with that. I'm re-clearing the trails so we can all walk the land an enjoy the water
               holes. The public hiking trail got super busy, then shut down with the possibility of getting a $1000 fine,
               now it's open again, but almost no hikers. The property is paid off and I'm retired. One member from
               L.A. came with her 3 year old daughter for 3 days this week. My ex-wife needed a job and found one at a
               Waldorf school 30 miles from New York on a 140 acre property. Two construction guys (prospective
               members) came to visit yesterday. They might buy her membership to have a home base for their van
               after they sell the historic house that they restored.

               Maharishi Peace Palace,  Iowa, USA

               Social Distancing , and extra wash rooms, take out food only, Virtual Classes & normal classes

               Wally DeVasier
               Honeyeaters Farm Community, NSW, Australia

               We are following very closely the regulations and guidelines issued by government and public health
               authorities. No meetings or gatherings, but chatting 'over the fence' and using online communication
               more than usual. We are helping each other with shopping and errands to town, continuing to do
               bushcare and farm improvements, got new small herd of steers, and are sharing vegetables - the
               community spirit is strong and the everyday atmosphere is great.

               Ronald Woods
               Stone Garden Farm, Ohio, USA

               We have decided not to participate in the virus. Our lives and our activities continue as they always
               have. Without change. It's fine with us if folks want to stay home, or wear masks. But, that has no
               interest for us. We are welcoming wwoof'ers, with some here now and several more are due to come
               shortly. And we are looking for one or more long term ic'ers.

               Give us a call, we'll talk.


               Unnamed ecovillage, North Carolina, USA

               We have halted face-to-face meetings.  Everything by Zoom.  We are a forming community, and it
               appears that we have had an up-tick in new member interest as a result of the Coronavirus.

               Wolf Creek Lodge, Grass Valley, California

               Since we have been sheltering in place and practicing social distancing, our lifestyle here at the lodge is
               quite different.  We no longer have common meals nor community events.  Some of our members are
               reveling in this new lifestyle, others not so much.  We are very fortunate to have a lovely trail right out
               our front doors to enjoy a beautiful, shaded walk along our namesake, Wolf Creek. Our gardens our
               beautiful and provide lots of lovely outdoor gardening time.  We are enjoying a great deal of zoom time,
               be it the daily coffee hour, meetings,  yoga and ukulele practice.  Lots of reading time such as "A New
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