Page 10 - Communities Respond to COVID-19
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Kind of Science" by Stephen Wolfram or our latest book club entry, "The Words of My Father" by Yousef
               Bashir.  Knitting, sewing, jigsaw puzzles and adult coloring books have been fun.  We have enjoyed
               impromptu drumming concerts on the terrace while practicing physical distancing.  We've held Virtual
               Open Houses via zoom.  We have one available unit for sale and given the need for physical separation
               and the need to limit visitors to our lodge we are communicating with potential buyers by telephone
               and videoconferencing.  If a potential buyer has reviewed the available information and indicates an
               eagerness to proceed with the transaction we will work to set up a safe on-site visit.  Most importantly,
               we are supporting each other as best as we can.  Shopping for a neighbor is a great example.  We are all
               looking forward to enjoying common meals again!

               Jacque Bromm

               GreenRise Intentional Community, Uptown, Chicago, IL

               Of our 28 or so members, most of us are sheltered in place.  One or two have to work outside. Several
               others have relocated to family in other states to weather the storm.  We have a strict regimen isolating
               from each other by wearing masks whenever we are in the kitchen (all other commons have been
               closed, except for a gym we set up), and try to maintain a 6' distance from eachother.  When we enter
               the kitchen or other common areas, we immediately wash our hands.   We've replace our vinegar/water
               solution for wiping off counters with a weak bleach/water solution and teams on cleanup duty sanatize
               all countertops, drawer/cabinet pulls, light switches, faucets, etc. Seperate solution spray bottles are
               kept in the bathrooms and showers to sanitize those facilities. We have gloves for when we go shopping.
               Upon returning with groceries, we wipe everything down with our bleach solution before bringing it into
               the kitchen.   We have a plan, protocols and a room set aside if anyone comes down with the virus.
               Steve Ediger

               Unnamed rural community, NSW, Australia

               Locking down at the house level, gradually opening up as Australia numbers drop to double-digits.
               Closed off our common house, in part because some people live in the rooms there. Its tough as we are
               used to interacting so much.

               Walnut Street Co-op, Oregon, USA

               We have been having regular conversations at our weekly house meetings and dinners about how we
               can minimize our risk and exposure. We are concerned about sanitizing door handles and heavily
               touched surfaces on a daily basis, keeping trips to public spaces, like grocery stores, to a minimum, and
               not allowing any guests at this time. Those have become our basic standards for now, although some
               housemates are taking more or less precautions on individual levels.

               We have been sharing relevant information with each other over email and in dinner conversations. I
               think our strengths lie in communication and thoughtfulness. We have a group of people that are
               supportive and understanding of each other's needs, so requests for certain accommodations are
               typically respected. We have a couple of housemates that are passionate about emergency
               preparations, so we have had guidance from them on making sure we have adequate back stock of
               foods, dry good, and emergency supplies. We are lucky to have room in our budget to supplement these
               emergency supplies as well so that the cost is not landing on our housemates. We have strength in our
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