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             something which strained the constructs of         each co-worker was free to concern himself
             my education but which offered aspects of          with the fundamental idea or just leave it,
             understanding from an entirely different           for, thanks to the good instructions, each co-
             point of view.                                     worker was capable to do a good job without
             This year went far beyond the often stated         any specific anthroposophical knowledge.
             simple goals of progress in English language       Of course this whole thing depends pretty
             skills and getting to know a different culture.    much on the quality of its staff, probably far
             In retrospect I can say that this helped my        more than in usual establishments. Thanks to
             personal development tremendously. Self            my houseparents this was an extremely
             control, personal stress management,               pleasant year and I learned beyond the daily
             showing initiative, lots of patience are a short   routine a lot about life itself.
             list of key skills which I developed there and     Back in Germany I started university, but
             are preconditions in nowadays job market.          trying to build up a new daily routine wasn't
             Looking back I couldn't imagine the                easy. I didn't expect it but having talked to
             possibility of starting my studies right away      the other young co-workers back home, at
             as is usually proposed in order to enter the       first most of us felt a bit uncomfortable and
             rat race as soon as possible. I couldn't help      alienated. Then I remembered a line I read
             but see this year in Camphill as a great           long time ago in Camphill Pages: '”When you
             growth point for a pre-student's horizon.          make peace with the urban jungle you almost
             Due to living together with lots of others         forget the vision of Camphill special schools
             your age, a nice and homogenous group is           as an island of sanity in a maddening world”.
             created by itself in this community. This is       Having learned in Camphill to appreciate and
             the place and the year to build up very            to be grateful for the small things in life I
             strong, perhaps even lifelong, friendships.        consider it a big step to true happiness.
             Talking to                                                                        All in all it's a
             other                                                                             healthy
             Camphill-                                                                         progress of
             experienced                                                                       giving and
             young                                                                             taking in
             people you                                                                        Camphill. A
             always feel a                                                                     giving of the
             kind of                                                                           idea of
             connection                                                                        Camphill, a
             and of                                                                            giving from
             course you                                                                        the
             can relate                                                                        community's
             easily to them                                       Sheiling School, Thornbury   staff, but
             but there's                                                                       above all a
             something else, there's something special          giving from the residents themselves. It's up
             about all these people. It’s not easy to           to you to seize these chances and to have this
             explain!                                           great feeling of giving back all these
             Needless to say that you can have in a group       wonderful things by doing a good job with
             like that loads and loads of fun with your         your students. For these reasons a year at
             mates, but Camphill shows you that there's         Camphill is a unique chance for each young
             something else as well, which opens us,            person considering time abroad.
             young persons, gradually the eyes and we see
             that the time comes when we have to stop           Sebastian is a student of economics at
             this life in a bubble with a horizon barely        Mannheim University, Germany. He was a co-
             reaching the two next obligations of               worker at the Sheiling School, Thornbury, UK, for
             debauched enjoyment.                               a year.
             A very important thing for me personally was                                    That's it, folks.
             this total freedom in respect to the
             philosophy underlying the whole concept.                                        Yalla Bye.

             Just as Steiner did not intend to inspire belief,                               Joel Dorkam

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