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             From my very own extended personal experience as coordinator, I gleefully remember some
             unusual stories. There was that French girl Sylvie who did an outstanding job as evening
             dishwasher - I dare to say, at least equal to the present, complicated machinery. Not one
             evening did she miss for months, until one day she quite suddenly announced that she needed
             a few days break. Why? asked the disconsolate kitchen boss, what is wrong? Did anybody
             hurt your feelings? No, responded the dishwasher abashedly, my mother is coming for a visit
                                                    to Israel - and if she sees me washing dishes I'll have to
                                                    wash and wash all my life!

                                                    Then there was the story of J.D., a young American
                                                    who appeared quite unannounced with a letter of
                                                    recommendation from some personality, stating that he
                                                    would appreciate it if we could accommodate this deaf-
                                                    mute person. I leave it to your imagination what my
                                                    first reaction was - which branch would be interested
                                                    in a deaf-mute worker? It took some pleading and
             persuading to make me receive him on trial, and I didn't regret it. Our glass plant enrolled
             him reluctantly, and he turned out to be an outstanding worker, after a while they wouldn't
             let him go. In the Haaretz newspaper of July 7 , 1988 you could read the following comment
             by Elie Elad: A sample of the beauty of Kibbutz Tsuba is the case of J.D. from the U.S.A. He
             happens to be deaf-mute, and for the last year and a half has worked in Quality Control in
             the local plant. At the end of that period he went to a conversion Ulpan at Kfar Etzion. Before
             leaving he handed a message to the local Newsletter, which read:

             To all Tsuba members, Shalom. Lots of thanks to Joel Dorkam who was in charge of Volunteers and
             accepted me in spite of my infirmity: Thanks for , allocating me a responsible job at "ORAN" - I truly
             loved my work. Thanks for encouraging me to go to an Ulpan. Thanks for letting me share your life
             for a while - Tsuba was the only Kibbutz that would take me in at the time.

             In "Camphill Correspondence" of May-June 2007 we found the following report by
             Sebastian Groh of Mannheim , Germany entitled: "How it is for a young Co-worker at

             It is said that people can only cope with a        only a short time to get used to the
             difficult situation if they see meaning in it.     community's way of doing things, the
             Meaning nowadays is in                                           workload began to be high, as
             short supply. Thus it is an                                      was the level of responsibility,
             indescribable feeling for a                                      but it was also very fulfilling.
             co-worker to work in                                             We young co-workers needed
             Camphill with the belief in                                      to learn to hold back our
             doing something which is                                         personal needs from time to
             truly meaningful.                                                time because it was sometimes
             Having left the Camphill                                         a day and night job.
             Community Thornbury in                                           In the course of the Foundation
             the UK and thinking back                                         Year which contained subjects
             to that time which lies just                                     from Child Protection Issues,
             half a year behind me,                                           Syndromes and Polarities to
             brings up a whole lot of                                         Biodynamic Farming, for a new
             emotions. To start from the                                      co-worker a totally new world
             beginning: I decided to do                                       was gradually unfolding itself.
             my  National Service in England basically in       As well as many educational and welfare
             order to improve my English. By 'chance' I         matters in which a co-worker is involved on a
             came to this residential school with no            daily basis, you can also get to know an
             expectations but with some curiosity. After        entirely different philosophical world view,

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