Dror Israel is an educational movement, social and cooperative that was established in 2006.The movement includes children and teens, youngsters and adults that come from over the country. Since its establishment the movement makes has various activities that are designed to promote equality, peace and the democracy among the people, and create an open dialogue that is based on respect, attentiveness and understanding all the parties that exist in the society.

Through its many and varied activities, raising awareness and the support it gives, the movement believes that it will be possible to create a better society that fights against the violence and racism.


Most of the movement members live in a new unique collaborative model- Urban Educators Kibbutz – it is about a renewal of Kibbutz idea, which played a key role in the establishing of the state of Israel, while modifying to the 21st century. Educators Kibbutzes work in autonomous small cells and the movement provides an additional safety net for the kibbutzes. The educators Kibbutzes are located within the cities and many members are engaged in educational activities at schools and the activities' scope reach hundreds of thousands of children and teens a year.

3 groups that operate for the peace, the equality and the democracy

During the 80's and 90's to the present the state of Israel has had accelerated privatization processes. This policy has led to the wide gaps in the Israeli society and even to poverty. Even the various factories in the labor movement have changed the faces and the people were afraid that there will be no place for the socialist Zionist idea in the Israeli society.

Out of these changes Dror Israel movement has grown: The members of the youth worker and learner movement that grew up and wanted to keep and educate and experience a cooperative way of life, established thousands of continued frames that will allow to thousands of young people and adults to renew the cooperative idea and set up dozens of unique educational frameworks.

Dror Israel on-line

Dror Israel movement is active on-line, making information and participation approachable. The movement keeps an open channel of communication via its Facebook page. The page keeps followers up to date about activates, workshops on writing and composing and more. Dror Israel also post photos, videos of varies events.

More information about Dror Israel can be found on kvutzot.net, kolzchut.org.il and calcalist.co.il.

Dror Israel works with over 200,000 young people from different backgrounds in order to increase tolerance, equality and democracy in Israeli society.