The Intentional Communities Desk (ICD) is a contact body connecting a wide variety of communities the world over - kibbutzim, ecovillages, co-housing, housing co-ops, spiritual communities etc etc.

The desk was established way back in 1976 and our modest headquarters are situated at the Yad Tabenkin Institute, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our magazine C.A.L.L. (Communities At Large Letter), is published twice a year, and includes articles and letters and other materials sent to us by communities from around the world. In addition, Kol is our Hebrew publication, published once a year.

The members of the Desk - our committee - all live in intentional communities, both rural and urban. Almost all of our work is voluntary and the few who are paid receive very little for their labour.

Today, we are supported by the Yad Tabenkin Institute, where the archives and the research and reference library are situated. Yad Tabenkin is home to one of the most significant and comprehensive, if not the most significant and comprehensive, collections of publications and books about intentional communities in the world. This material is at the disposal of researchers, students and anyone who is interested. The material is in the process of being digitized in order that it may be accessed remotely.

The lCD initiates meetings with members of communities from Israel and abroad. Our members also attend international communities conferences in order to connect with the wider communal scene.

We have both a website, and active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are a Registered NGO, so are legally permitted to receive tax-free donations. (Even a modest sum will be very welcome!)

Do feel free to contact us!

Anton Marks,

General Secretary of the Intentional Communities Desk (ICD)