Our beloved Dorothy has passed on peacefully

Dorothy Maclean

January 7, 1920 - March 12, 2020

Dear global family,

It is with deep love and respect that the Findhorn Foundation marks the passing of our beloved co-founder, Dorothy Maclean, on 12 March 2020, aged 100.

There is an immense appreciation here and all over the world for Dorothy’s quiet and strong presence and her extraordinary life, and for her pioneering work with the devic realm, which contributed so significantly to the development of the Findhorn Foundation and community and its work in the world.

Dorothy’s choice to pass at this time of extreme planetary crisis is significant. It asks us to follow in her footsteps and to stand for what she stood for – love for all of life and the courage to act from a place of wholeness, planetary citizenship, and the expansion of consciousness.

We deeply honour Dorothy’s life of service towards building a new human consciousness, towards co-creating with the intelligence of nature, and towards the simple task of bringing more love into the world.

As the last of the community’s three founders, Dorothy’s passing calls us to reflect on the amazing achievements of this community in the last 57 years and how Dorothy, Peter and Eileen – through deep commitment and inspired action – seeded a centre which continues to generate love and light all over the world. You, our family all around the world, are a testament to their success; we are all part of the legacy they have left.

Dorothy saw humans as the “growing tip of Earth”. May we all realise our potential to be just that – inspired agents of change, continuing to grow in partnership with each other and all beings, seen and unseen.

Dorothy’s simple advice:

  1. God is Love, so just be more loving
  2. God is within
  3. Turn within to find the answers you are seeking

A meditation was held for Dorothy in the Universal Hall the day after she died, connecting to her spirit and to you, our global community. Following Dorothy’s instructions, there was no funeral, but in future, she has asked that there will be a huge party for her!

We apologise for the lateness of this notice due to the immediate and unprecedented attention demanded by the COVID-19 crisis. More details of the effects of this on the Foundation and our response to it, will be coming soon in a follow-up email.

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Love and blessings, From all of us at the Findhorn Foundation

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