Who are we?

The Intentional Communities Desk, renamed from the International Communes Desk in 2015, is a contact body between the communes of the world - where the term "commune" covers the wide spectrum of intentional communities, kibbutzim and other types of communal living.

The Desk was started in 1976 at the initiative of the late Mordechai Bentov, a kibbutz member and cabinet minister.

Our modest headquarters are situated at the Yad Tabenkin Institute, on the campus of Seminar Efal, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel.

Our major regular activity has been the twice-a-year publication, in English, C.A.L.L. (Communities At Large Letter), published in order to promote the aims of the desk.

We now publish 'Kol', our hebrew version of C.A.L.L., biannually too

Most members of the Desk - our committee - are kibbutzniks, from all types of kibbutzim. Almost all of our work is voluntary and the few who are paid receive very little for their labour. Our very modest budget is provided by the kibbutz movements, a generous gesture of support, considering their financial problems.

The lCD occasionally initiates meetings with members of communes and other alternative communities from Israel and abroad. The ICD encourages the activities of the Urfeld Circle, a group of kibbutz members closely associated with the German commune movement Integrierte Gemeinde.

The ICD has access to the Library of Yad Tabenkin, with its comprehensive collection of publications and books about communes and other alternative communities. This material is at the disposal of researchers, students and anyone who is interested.

We are a Registered NGO, so we are now legally permitted to receive tax-free donations. (Even a modest sum will be very welcome!)

Do feel free to contact us!

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