Communal Living on the Threshold of a New Millennium: Lessons and Perspectives

The latest ICSA conference was held in the ZEGG community from 25th to 27th June, 2001.

The theme was Communal Living on the Threshold of a New Millennium: Lessons and Perspectives.

Sub-themes at ICSA2001 included:


  • Communal Survival, Subsistence & New Work
  • New Communication Technologies and Virtual Communities
  • Researching and Teaching about Communalism
  • Diversity (Gender, Ethnicity, Class, Sex, etc.) & Post-Modern Values
  • Do-It-Yourself Communal Cultures
  • Sex, Gender, New Family Forms & Age Issues in Communal Groups
  • Communal Ecology, Economics & Sustainability; Ecovillages
  • Political and Social/Psychological Importance of Communal Living
  • Communal History & Utopianism
  • The Kibbutz in the new Millennium
  • Trends in Urban Communal Living, Cohousing, Housing Co-ops, etc.
  • 'Cults' and 'Cult-busting/bashing'


Post Conference Tour

A tour of nearby ecovillages, urban and rural communities followed the conference.

International Gathering of Communal Groups

Following the ICSA 2001 Conference and Post Conference Tour, some delegrates stayed for the 4th International Community Meeting (ICM) at ZEGG. Since 1998 members of communal groups from around the globe have gathered at ZEGG for this annual meeting in order to build up a network of friendship and cooperation and to establish concrete projects (for youth education and exchange etc).

Download the ICSA 2001 Proceedings here