Yad Yaari

Yad Yaari is the Research and Documentation Center of Hakibbutz Haarzi Hashomer Hatzair Movement. Yad Yaari operates within the framework of Havatzelet – Education and Culture Institutions of Hashomer Hatzair.

The Yad Yaari center is comprised of two distinct departments: Archives and Research. Both of these sections focus on the history and current issues of the Kibbutz Movement, the youth movement and Israeli society.

Yad Yaari was founded in 1983 with the express purpose of preserving and cultivating the collective memory of the movement in the broadest sense. Major Aims 1) Preserving the collective memory of the movement. 2) Cultivating the legacy of its values and the propagation of information about its activities. 3) Researching its social and ideological path. 4) Counteracting attempts to blur its essential character or to refute its achievements.

Overall Concept

Yad Yaari is based on the rationale that combining documentation, research and publication in one institution ensures maximum integration of historical recollection, academic research and public recognition.

Yad Yaari's Contribution

Yad Yaari strives to bring attention to the achievements and contributions of Hashomer Hatzair Movement and of Hakibbutz Harrtzi federation to the Jewish People and the State of Israel in the Diaspora and in Israel over the course of the last 11 decades. The rich documentation in Hashomer Hatzair Archives, the study conferences open to the public, the research carried out at the initiative of the center and the books published, illuminate the history and activities of the movement in the spheres of education, society, culture, settlement, security and policy. The center strives to disseminate information on the past and the contribution of the movement to all sectors of the population, especially among the young generation and new immigrants. The research and publications of the center are at a high academic standard and scientific in their approach. The scientific advisor of Yad Yaari is Prof. Aviva Halamish of The Open University.


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