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My name is Anton and I am part of the largest urban kibbutz in the world. I also run the International Communes Desk to share information and stories about intentional community living.
Welcome to this forum - please use it sensibly.
And, please introduce yourselves here before you post.
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    Replied by מאיר הורביץ on Wednesday, September 07 2016, 03:02 pm · Hide · #1
    My name is Meir Hurwitz.
    I am a member of Kibbutz Kfar HaMaccabi.
    I'd like to point out that:
    1. A few years before Mordechai Ben Tov founded this organization I approached the Brit Hatnuah HaKibbutzit with this idea. The person in charge said - What ? Start another international group that will brand Israel as being racist ? So I was very happy when Mordechai DID found it.
    2. There was an International commune movement group started in Greece which I joined. There was a group from England and Japan and I rep[resented the Kibbutz Movement.
    3. The editor of the newsletter of the Japanese movement was surprised to see that a kibbutznik in Israel was interested in contacting the communes of the world.
    4.Today I have 2 groups in facebook about starting Urban Kibbutzim, one in English and one in Hebrew.
    a. I wrote an article that an Urban Kibbutz can be started by only TWO people if they promote the idea that they are interested in having more people join them.
    b. I am helping a group (of now 60 members) who want to start "The First Urban Vegan Kibbutz". This is the name of their group in facebook.
    5. I received a copy of KOL from Michael Livne and was happy to read the articles. I'd like to point out that today there is an anarchic world wide organization that wants to do away with money. There are a number of Free Money Parties in a number of countries. Here is the address of this organization - http://thevenusproject.com , and in Hebrew - http://discovervenus.com
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