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Hello Everyone,

I am currently responsible for the education for the 47 children in our kibbutz. We have two pre-school frameworks of our own, which also includes children from the neigbourhood, and at aged four they go as a group to the local public kindergarten where we try to be as involved and supportive of Kit (the woman that runs the kindergarten) as possible. Apart from being very active on the parents' committee, the parents of all the kids that go to the kindergarten have meetings to share thoughts and feelings and to divide up responsibilities of things that Kit requested help with. E.g. A recycling corner, planning walking routes for the kids, organising two events with the kids and their families during the year etc etc.

Our eight eldest children are already at school, and our ability to be involved there is much more limited - basically, the parents of the kids that go there are involved in the parents committee.

Other questions that I am involved with is the nature of our kibbutz community which includes kids, families and intimate groups (extended families of around 10 adults and 5 kids). How long is our work day and how much time should we be spending with our kids? How should our culture cater for our kids but also meet the needs of our adults without 'dumbing it down'? How do we remain very active in terms of our important social and educational community work whilst at the same time nurturing and spending time with our children? How long should maternity /paternity leave be? (Since we are our own bosses we are able to decide these things for ourselves - much the same as our decision to finish our kindergarten day at 15:45 and expect a parent to be there to pick them up - and then add a couple of hours of our workday from 20:30 when the kids are asleep).
Some of my questions, dilemmas and thoughts on the topic. What do you think?
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