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Student of the World
  • Mega Event of International Publishing Industry

    The Frankfurt Book Fair is THE global gathering place for the international publishing scene. By default it is a B2B fair. But even if you are an author, translator, self-publisher, a creative mind or a simply a reader: you will find something interesting here. As an accredited blogger I had the opportunity to join the […]

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  • Occupying Hambacher Forst

    I spent two days and two nights in the Hambacher Forst, an ancient forest near Cologne that has to give way to the brown coal excavators. Forest occupiers have been living here since 2012. The community wants to save the small remains of the old and beautiful forest. They live in tree houses to make […]

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  • Legal Reflections

    Stopping Coal Infrastructure: Police-Countered Crime This year in August the Klimacamp (climate camp) took place in the Rhineland, only a bit more than one hour from the city where I grew up. One group of climate activists had proclaimed that – besides many legal actions – some of them would enter the open-cast brown coal […]

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  • Climate Activism & Police Violence

    The Klimacamp Rheinland (climate camp Rhine Land) is a 10-day open camp organized by different groups of climate activism. Thousands of mostly young people gather for education, political action and experimenting with new low-carbon-emitting forms of living. The Klimacamp takes place close to Europe’s largest brown coal surface mines in the Rhineland, North-West of Cologne. Even […]

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  • Sharing Economy – Sharing Future

    Can you imagine a place where exchanging business cards, using compost toilets, pitching start-ups, doing meditation and covering face and hair with colorful glitter in preparation for a wild dance don’t contradict but complement each other? That is OuiShareFest! The Meditating Eco Manager Geek What really astonished me about OuiShareFest was this: eco folks, business […]

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