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Personal reflections on life inside the famous spiritual community and ecovillage, by Graham Meltzer

Findhorn Blog
  • Mutual Care and Support in Community
    Gandhi once said, “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” The same can be said, I believe, of any social grouping, particularly an intentional community like ours. The Findhorn community has established a robust regime for the provision of care and support to community members in particular need. The main vehicle for […]

  • The Purpose of Community?
    I was recently asked to write a short piece for the 25th anniversary issue of Diggers & Dreamers, the UK directory of communal living. The topic: ‘What is the purpose of communal living?’ In one sense I think the question misses the point. To my mind, communal living doesn’t need to be justified, defended or […]

  • Nature and the subtle realms
    I woke this morning to find a rather pointed message from a friend in the community who wrote, “Well, GEN+20 is well and truly over now, so looking forward to some new posts ;-)”. Well, thank you Iain for the reminder and prompt. It’s nice to think that at least one follower is keen for […]

  • Findhorn Reflections
    Dear all, I have just published a new book titled ‘Findhorn Reflections: A very personal take on life inside the famous spiritual community and ecovillage.’ Essentially, I have taken the posts of this blog and collated them in a coherent order, added a few chapters and put it out as a book. So if you’ve […]

  • So Long Folks!
    As I was saying (at the beginning of the last post)…I am going to take time out from writing this blog – at least three months. The reasons are twofold. Since the Tantra course, which finished a month ago now, I’ve been quite transformed. I’m much less driven and preoccupied than I used to be, […]