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Contents of Issue No. 27 - Summer, 2006

From the Secretary's Desk
Cohousing For The Elderly
Jindibah Community, Australia
Status of the German Communal Movements
Kibbutz Shorts
Roberts Creek Cohousing, Canada
Kibbutz Palmachim, Israel
An Anarchist Commune, USA
Damanhur, Italy
Maagal Hakvutsot, Israel




Contents of Issue No. 26 - Winter, 2005/6

From the Secretary's Desk
In Memoriam
Damanhur, Italy
Emma Goldman Finishing School, USA
Sieben Linden Ecovillage, Germany
The Farm, USA
The Tribe of Likatien, Germany
Kibbutz Shorts
Eurotopia Directory
Smangus, Taiwan
ZEGG, Germany
East Wind, USA
Maagal Hakvutsot, Israel



Contents of Issue No. 25 - Spring, 2005

From the Secretary's Desk
Twin Oaks, USA
Klein Karoo Ecovillage, South Africa
Are Hierarchical Communities Really "Intentional Communities"?
Bill Metcalf on Damanhur, Italy
New Creation, U.K.
Kibbutz Pag-asa, The Phillipines
Kibbutz Shorts
Camphill, Ireland
Pioneer Valley Co-Housing, USA
Anahata, New Zealand
The Tsunami Disaster
The Bruderhof



Contents of Issue No. 24 - Fall, 2004

From the Secretary's Desk
An Allegory for Kibbutz
Department of Communal Research, Yad Tabenkin
Trees and Intentional Community
Pinon Ecovillage, USA
Canon Frome Court, U.K.
Russian Ecovillage Network
Russian Ecovillages, Grishino
Kibbutz Shorts
ICSA 2004 Conference
Co-Housing: An Overview
ZEGG, Germany
Pinakarri, Australia
The Kibbutz Movement Today - Part Two



Contents of Issue No. 23 - Spring, 2004

From the Secretary's Desk
New Book, Our Hearts Invented a Place: Can Kibbutzim Survive in Todays Israel? by Mort & Brenner
New Video, Visions of Utopia by Geoph Kozeny
The Amish Colonies, USA
Settling Disputes in the Kibbutz
Decision-Making, Bill Metcalf
Niederkaufungen, Germany
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship
Kibbutz Shorts
Seli Hoo, Australia
Co-Housing Sweden. Sockenstugan
The Kibbutz Movement Today



Contents of Issue No. 22 - Fall, 2003

From the Secretary's Desk
New Books, No Heavenly Delusion? by Michael Tyldesley
New Books, Practical Tools to Grow an Ecovillage or Intentional Community by Diana Leafe Christian
Tamera, Portugal
A New Kibbutz Movement, Israel
Olgashof, Germany
Arcosanti, USA
Lama Foundation, USA
Tera Mirrim Foundation, Brazil
Kibbutz Shorts
Mondragon, Spain
The Woodcrest Collective, 2003
Findhorn Foundation, Scotland
Moora Moora, Australia
Plow Creek Fellowship, USA
Hanan Hebron, Kibbutz Architect
Solheimar, Iceland



Contents of Issue No. 21 - Spring, 2003

From the Secretary's Desk
Redfield, England; Solbyn, Sweden
Psychosozial; The Hutterites - Ran Aaronsohn
Damanhur, Italy; Utopia the bolo'bolo way
Maple Ridge, USA; East Wind, USA
Bruderhof Return to Germany; My Vision for ZEGG - Cornelia Scheidl
Fledgling Community in Belize; Kibbutz UPIMA, The Philippines
A poem from Moora Moora, Australia; Basisgemeinde, Germany
Eduardo Galeano on our Upside Down World
Chaim Seeligman - 90 Years Young; Ganas, New York
Kibbutz Shorts
The Schreiber Family, Urban Kibbutz Migvan
Danthonia Bruderhof in Australia
Twin Oaks: An American Kibbutz? - Brian Freund
Poems by Peter Maurin, from "The Catholic Worker"; Magic, USA
Anarchism and Intentional Communities
Eco-village Huehuecoyotl, Mexico
Freedom for the Wolves is Death for the Pack - N. Gilboa



Contents of Issue No. 20 - Summer, 2002cover20

Editor's Farewell
A Very Brief History of Intentional Communities, by Bill Metcalf
Lotan - A Green Kibbutz, by Michael Livni
Sustainability at Twin Oaks, by Valerie
Visitors Are Upon Us! by Sol Etzioni
A Letter from Niederkaufungen - Monika Floerchinger
East-Winders' Delegation Kibbutz Hopping Experience, by Aviva Bezilla
Letter to the Editor - a kibbutz member
Kaleidoscope - by Joel Dorkam
Lost Dreams, Missed Opportunities, by Geoff Bercovich
About the Joys of Communal Education, by Mother Mia of Oekolea
End of the Dream? - Daniel Gavron
From the Secretary's Desk
A Bond Between Catholics and Kibbutzniks, by Nechemia Meyers



Contents of Issue No. 19 - Winter, 2001/2

N.Z. Riverside Community - 60th Birthday, by David Manning
The FEC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
Solborg Camphill Village, by Jan Bang
Camphill Sultana: A Father's Dream, by Mike Green
Maple Ridge Bruderhof, by Martin Johnson
Book Reviews: Autobiosophy, by Nachum Mandel
The Quest for Utopia in 20th Century America: 1900-60, Timothy Miller
Kibbuz - Ein Ueberblick, Chaim Seligman & Gabi Madar - German
Migvan, the Urban Kibbutz - "Greenhouse" for Social and Educational Activities - Rudolf Pesch
Two Weeks of International Communal Living - Sol Etzioni
The Common Denominators of the Communities I Visited - Michel Livni
Lectures Held at the I.C.S.A. Conference at ZEGG (Random Choice)
Employees as Co-entrepreneurs - The Pump Factory of the Integrierte Gemeinde - Kurt Peter
Kaleidoscope - by Joel Dorkam



Contents of Issue No. 18 - Summer, 2001

A Waterfall Outside My Window, by Jan Bang
What is a Commune, by Isi Ruge & Sina Wiehagen (Olgashof)
Sex and Spirit - Reconnecting Heaven and Earth, by Elke Heyer (Findhorn)
The Wolery, by Ian Conochie
The Kibbutz - Awakening from Utopia, by David Gavron - Foreward by Howard Fast
Harduf - A Very Unorthodox Kibbutz, by Stacy Feldman
At Home - Springtree Community
Growing Old Together, by Liora Eren Frucht
From "The News of the Oaks"
Flower Power Revisited - The Peace Garden, Beech Grove Bruderhof, by Hanna King, Veronica Shirky & Julian Snavely
Kaleidoscope - by Joel Dorkam
Love as Kibbutz Value, by Meir Hurwitz

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