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1 Bryn Gweled Homesteads: Celebrating Decades of Vision K.C. Compton 3778
2 Lesbian-only intentional community outlasts others Jordan Gass-Pooré 4733
3 Communal Living on The Farm: Handling Conflict Douglas Stevenson 4335
4 Nascent R.I. cooperative community strives for 'intentional living' in Chepachet Karen Lee Ziner 3853
5 Out of the Woods Alex Halberstadt 2567
6 Dreamland commune forced to disband by city Susan Du 1736
7 An era of updated communes takes root in Missouri Alexa Ahern 1760
8 Welcome to the Commune Where 100 Adults Raise 17 Kids Beth Greenfield 16022
9 Communes still thrive decades after the '60s, but economy is a bummer, man Administrator 2530
10 Drop City, America's Boldest, Most Far-Out Commune, Left a Surprising Legacy Alan Prendergast 2607
11 Review of Tedx talk - Dancing Rabbit Roshana Ariel 2168
12 Communal living minimizes carbon footprint Brenna Visser 2057
13 Not A Group House, Not A Commune: Europe Experiments With Co-Housing Lauren Frayer & Ari Shapiro 2245
14 GRUB at risk of losing longtime home as lease not offered for renewal Ashley Gebb 2564
15 "The Communitarians" Captures Life in a Virginian Commune Ruby Love 3687
16 Hacker houses offer shared living for the young, green, and tech-obsessed Samantha Larson 3928
17 Douglas Stevenson tells the story of The Farm Thad Eckard 3178
18 Two Couples, One Mortgage Ari Weisbard 3165
19 'Thank a hippie' for online communities, ex-Gaskin's Farm member tells Easthampton 'Nerd Night' audience Mary Serreze 2746
20 Stephen Gaskin dies; founded The Farm commune LUCAS L. JOHNSON II 2632
21 Northridge Artist Commune Inspires Creativity, Service Matt Thacker 2032
22 Living the communal life — in your 30s, 40s and beyond Lauren Comiteau 2705
23 Lafayette More House, USA George 2577
24 No Tie-Dye Required: Bay Area Millennials Are Flocking to Communes Sheila Marikar 2675
25 Jersey Roots: Looking for utopia in Colts Neck Erik Larsen 1603
26 Millennials Are Reviving Co-op/Commune Life Rachel Belle 6744
27 'Intentional communities' springing up in Rochester Justin Murphy 1929
28 Jews fleeing Russia found proto-kibbutz in Louisiana David B. Green 1940
29 The Loft: an Urban Commune for Alternative Living Michael Bennett 1933
30 A Commune Grows in Brooklyn Jed Lipinski 2047
31 Intentional communities initiative aims to put Jews back in touch with the land Talia Levin 2554
32 Nathan Mackenzie Brown – Modern Homesteader Profiles Everett Sizemore 10641
33 "You Are Now Leaving the European Union" Tom Freston 3531
34 Intentional Christian communities live and serve among the poor Daniel Wallace 1868
35 D.C.'s ‘intentional communities’ put strangers in a house joined by core values Michelle Boorstein 2350
36 A Cultivated Community Gary Robertson 2918
37 Community gives hope to people with disabilities ABC News Australia 2364
38 Living an Intentional Life Administrator 2936
39 Hippie Commune Thrives as Europeans Tire of Chaos Holly Ellyatt 1959
40 Twin Oaks Administrator 2718
41 Groovy! Oldest Hippie Commune Going Strong Alan Farnham 1841